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Your first question after reading the title is likely, “what’s Univa?” I’m glad you asked.

Univa is an online networking platform designed for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives of our world. …

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If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re reading this title, I imagine at least two things caught your eye.

First, the number “one.” You’re probably used to reading articles or listening to podcasts that offer you at least three or more goals for the new year. …

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I think almost everyone has at least one entrepreneur in their life. Or, at least everyone has someone in their life who is entrepreneurial in their approach to life.

The entrepreneur (or entrepreneurial-like person) in your life is that person who is:

  1. Relentless in their pursuit of their innovative dreams.

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The New Year is almost among us and it represents a perfect opportunity to set some goals and leverage the cultural momentum of “starting fresh.”

So what if for 2021, your goal was to flourish rather than survive as an entrepreneur?

There’s quite a big difference between flourishing through something…

Mentorship is in many ways the single reason that I’m even writing this post.

If not for good-hearted, smart-minded, available mentors, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d be in a very different position than the one I’m currently in. …

Merriam-Webster defines burnout as exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation, usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.

Another definition of burnout is failing, wearing out or becoming exhausted from overwork or over use.

Burnout, then, is fairly problematic state to be in, don’t ya think?


How many colleges or universities are you an alumnus or alumnae of?

Counting every community college and university I’ve attended, my answer is seven. That’s to say, there are seven different colleges and universities I’ve attended over the course of the last eight years.

This means that there are at…

Culture is all-powerful.

No matter how strong-willed, stubborn, or determined you might be, culture will win the day. An organization’s culture will move the organization like wind that uproots deeply rooted trees.

No matter the size and stature of the tree, it is powerless to the wind — powerless to…

Illustration by Tammy Gu

I was about half way through my undergraduate degree when it dawned on me how important community was.

I would’ve claimed, however, that community had “always” been important to me. …

Illustration by Tammy Gu

Building a start up is no small task. In fact, it may be one of the biggest tasks you ever attempt. And that’s because what you’re aiming for, in the end, is not to have a start up.

You’re aiming for a full-functioning, profitable company (I hope).

But you’re not…


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