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Starting Your Start-Up Using Univa: 5 Simple Tips

Your first question after reading the title is likely, “what’s Univa?” I’m glad you asked.

Univa is an online networking platform designed for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives of our world. There’s a special focus on our platform for those who are (or want to be) engaged in a start-up, but if that’s not you, the platform is still packed with value.

Let’s assume it is you, however. You’ve had your start-up idea bouncing around your head for months now, you’ve maybe shared it with a few people, and you’re ready to actually start your start-up.

Like many in your position, you may not know exactly where to start. That’s what this blog is for. Five simple tips to help you start your start-up using our platform, Univa.

1. Make An Account

First things first, you’ve got to make an account. Making an account on our Univa is entirely free, no costs at all (and you won’t be inundated with ads — you’re welcome).

All you need in order to create an account is a “.edu” email account. Following this quick process of signing up, you’ll enter the phase of completing your profile.

This is the fun part. This is where you get to let the rest of the Univa world (a world populated by entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives much like yourself) about who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Be as detailed as you want and do what you can to fill out your profile as much as possible. It’ll only be in your interest and the interest of your start up down the line.

Going forward, you can easily login using your LinkedIn or Gmail account if you prefer — it’s up to you. Next up, time to make connections.

2. Connect With Everyone You Can

Connecting with other folks on the platform is critical. This is the primary way to take advantage of the robust community on our platform.

You can do this by navigating to any person’s profile which can be done by selecting the “People” tab. Next, start searching for people in your industry. You might also try searching for alumni of the same university as yourself.

Whatever you do, try not to neglect this part of the task. It can be challenging or time-consuming to network, but this really is one of the most important things you can do for the sake of your start-up.

3. Post Your Questions In The “Chat Channels”

“Chat Channels” are a place where open discussion can occur between the members of the platform.

You don’t need to be officially connected to anyone in order to see other’s replies or reply to other’s questions and/or comments.

In this sense, the Chat Channels feature is sort of like the ancient Roman Forum. This was the place literally in the center of the city where all the of the ideation and innovation happened. It was where all the political, religious and economic movement occurred.

It was where people learned and developed as a group. Chat Channels is meant to do the same, with a focus on all things entrepreneurship, innovation, and start-ups.

Whatever questions you have, post them there.

4. Locate A Mentor In Your Industry

As was mentioned before, the platform was designed with entrepreneurs and start-up folk in mind.

This means that mentorship must play a critical role. Why? Because entrepreneurs and start-ups wouldn’t be what they are today without mentors.

Having a mentor is the way your start-up is going to experience growth and development. Having someone around to give you feedback, answer your questions, and challenge you in constructive ways will be the way forward.

So, on the platform you’ll see that people can list themselves as a mentor. They can also list on their profile that they’re “looking for mentorship.”

Take advantage of this. It’ll sincerely help you start your start-up.

5. Create Your Start-up On The Platform

Once you’ve applied these four simple steps using Univa (and assuming you’ve done the necessary steps to officiate your start-up outside of the platform), you can actually create your start-up on the platform.

What this means is that you can create a page that houses all the important, need-to-know information about your start-up.

Things like its name, logo, mission, vision, what it exists for, fundraising stage, product stage, website details, and the list goes on.

This is a great way to give your start-up visibility, and when you’re ready it’ll also allow you to manage job listings for your start-up. Oh yeah, and it’s all free.

You can start your start-up today by signing up here. Hope to see you on the platform soon!

Written by: Bryan Forbes



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